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VSSA: replace costly passwords with centrally managed, proven fingerprint biometrics

VSSA is the ideal solution to add strong user authentication to virtually every process - easily and affordably. So you can eliminate time and attendance ‘buddy punching’, cut password-related support costs, and add strong multi-factor authentication to logons and applications.

You can use VSSA just about everywhere. Tools are included for easy biometric logon to Windows Active Directory networks, Tivoli Access Manager, and ‘green screen’ terminal sessions. You also get APIs to add VSSA to applications running on virtually every platform - from ‘green screen’ to web.

Installation and set-up takes just minutes, so you start seeing your ROI right away:

  • Managed, controlled, server-based user credentials
  • Authentication originates at application, not PC or other user device
  • Secure server-to-server communication
  • Authentication credentials extend for use at phone, PC, more


  • Eliminate time and attendance "buddy punching"
  • Add VSSA to existing Time and Attendance program, or use "VSSA-Ready" solution
  • Save hundreds of dollars/euros per employee each year
  • Protect employee identity too - VSSA never stores a fingerprint image
  • Cut cost of password support
  • Password lockouts and resets cost $100 - $200 per year or more in help desk support
  • VSSA "load and go" solutions for Windows Domain and workstation logons
  • Increase productivity
  • Speed worker transaction process without compromising security



  • Protect investments in applications and processes
  • Add VSSA to existing programs cross platform
  • Easy central management and control
  • One easy to manage database of user credentials distributes throughout the organization
  • One solution that stays with you, grows with you
  • "Device Independent Architecture" lets you add new biometric technologies to VSSA
  • VSSA supports an unlimited number of users - and application enablements  


VSSA Adds Compliance Too

  • Add transaction-level user authentication to existing applications
  • VSSA delivers transaction-level user authentication to applications on any platform
  • Secure authentication process initiates at application server - not the user client
  • Add an unlimited number of calls for VSSA with NO annoying 'per application' charges
  • Secure HR portals, employee benefits sites, more
  • Secure record of every enabled transaction
  • Every VSSA transaction recorded in log and secure application journal
  • Customize with user defined fields in vSecure enablement
  • Easy to use integrated reporting
  • VSSA Reports delivers menu driven custom reports of all VSSA activity
  • Output to XML for sharing and integration
  • Use DB2 query tools for custom, dynamic reporting


And Protects Your Business

  • Eliminate threats from sharing of passwords and tokens
  • Secure logons and applications with single or two factor strong user authentication
  • Prevent unauthorized external, AND internal, user access
  • Central, secure record of every user access
  • Protect critical business processes
  • Use vSecure API toolkit to add transaction-level authentication to existing applications
  • Reduce costly fraud and theft
  • Verify identity of customers, vendors, and temporary personnel
  • Prevent authorized access to company web sites


Why Choose VSSA

  • High ROI
  • Deploy multiple biometric capture devices today
  • Add new devices and technologies tomorrow
  • Central Management and Control
  • Single reliable host support unlimited number of users
  • Industry Standard Design
  • NIST ANSI 378 biometric templates, FIPS 201 compliant sensors
  • FIPS 140-2 encrypted storage of user credentials
  • DOD Orange Book C2 level secure host
  • "Any Client, Anywhere" Compatibility
  • PC and AIX clients standard
  • Mobile device, POS terminal, MAC, Linux and other clients available
  • Ready-to-Run Solutions
  • For network logons, time and attendance, and more


Software Components

VSSA Client Agent

  • VSSAauth Agent listens for incoming authentication requests
  • Admin Client enables VSSA enrollment and reporting
  • Support for Windows Vista/XP/CE/Mobile and IBM AIX devices

VSSA vSecure API Toolkit (SDK)

  • vSecure APIs and sample code to easily add VSSA to new and existing applications
  • Supports Java, .NET, AIX, Linux, ILE languages and more
  • Easy, proven tools for Windows Active Directory and IBM Tivoli environments

VSSA Host  

  • Stores all user credentials
  • Performs all user authentication functions
  • Designed for High Availability architectures


Hardware Components


  • Your current i/OS  system (AS400 - iSeries v5r4 or higher) or new IBM Power server
  • TCP/IP communications

VSSA User Client

VSSA Administrative Console - existing Windows PC (XP SP2)


VSSA user client

  • Windows CE, XPE, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • AIX workstation (v5r2 or higher)
  • Linux workstation
  • MAC workstation (OSX 10.4 or higher)
  • Approved Mobile Device

Biometric Sensor

USB Sensors (standard)

  • SecuGen Hamster Plus, Hamster IV, or device with SecuGen FDU03 or FDU04 module
  • UPEK Eikon, Eikon to Go, or device with UPEK FIPS201 approved sensor
  • APC BioPod or other biometric device with AuthenTec 3400/3500 technology

Other biometric device of your choice, for custom builds and implementations



  • Trusted VSSA reliability and security with exciting new features
  • Device Independence - VSSA now works with multiple sensors out of the box, and additional devices can be added. So you have a choice today and a migration path for tomorrow.
  • Expanded Client Compatibility - PC Workstations, Macs, even AIX workstations are supported. And VSSA is compatible with a wide range of devices for time and attendance, data entry, and the mobile workforce.
  • Easy Enrollment - Simplified user enrollment processes for local and remote users.
  • More Control - Centralized management of all user functions with easier to use management reporting.
  • More Solutions - The VSSA API toolkit comes complete with ready to run solutions to add VSSA user authentication to logons and applications.
  • Unlimited Customization - VSSA adapts to fit your needs and your work environment with an endless array of options to tailor your installation of VSSA for your needs.



Read the IBM Systems Magazine on saving money with biometrics

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VSSA is a Valid Technologies product.